Getting Hitched

Dear readers,

I finally going to be hitched. Yeeaaay!

Well i’ve seen soo many wedding blog out there, and there is a time where i met its difficult to choose whether make a new blog for my wedding or just integrate it here.

Soo after a long long consideration.. i decide to put my getting hitched experience here. Yeeeaay! (Thank God i dont have to maintain other blog :p)

What do you want to know? Here i put them in categories, so you ( and I also :p) easy to find what we need :

Please enjoy 😉

3 thoughts on “Getting Hitched

  1. halo mba salam kenal, selamat atas pernikahannya. dekorasinya bagus sekali 😀
    boleh minta email LuvArsha decoration? karena saya sudah coba cari di google tapi tidak menemukan websitenya. untuk gedung makarti, apakah waiting list nya lama? saya berniat nikah Des 2015 nanti. terima kasih banyak 🙂


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